Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Screaming Meemies- Update

Kids have been back at school for just over a month. The leaves are falling and the furnace has run more than once. Looks like summer is really over, and not just on the calendar.

All 4 of our offspring are doing well so far this school year.
The Man-child is in grade 10.....real high school EEK! Oh, I so vividly remember grade 10. Makes it surreal that one of my own is that old now.
Son #2 started junior high ( same school as the Man-Child). I will confess, I worried about this transition for him. He is our dreamer, our grey-man. Often he is off in his own world. I need not have been concerned. He's really enjoying grade to hope his report card reflects some of his new-found confidence.
Son #3 is the BIG FISH in the pond this year. Grade 6, and loving every minute of it. He has the teacher he wanted, he's discovered that reading is a wonderful thing. It's fun to watch.
The Littlest is spreading her wings as well. School is something she has always loved, but she's spreading her wings outside of those 4 walls. She's started a dance class and is loving it. It's a fun, fitness-type class. No levels, no competition. Watching her confidence grow is a beautiful thing.

Yesterday, we took her to a special Speech Therapy appointment at the Stollery Hospital. We were hoping that they might have an answer for us...or at least a new strategy to help her with her speech issues.
No dice.
It's very frustrating, and I hate to see her still struggling after all these years.If I could get my hands on the people at the private agency that set her back to badly!
What we'll do is go back to speech therapy, doing to exercises and drills, and hope that one day all the work she has done will allow her to speak as clearly and concisely as she thinks.

I am slowly recovering from my reduction surgery. The kids have been an enormous help. (Looks like we're doing something right)  Ron has been so wonderful too. He's taken care of me, the kids and the house. I've been lucky enough to have him home with me this week too.

I've been loving the fact that I am home in the morning with the kids. I miss that so much when I'm working. It'll be hard to give that up when I go back.

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