Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

So,  yesterday, I wrote a post on my other blog.......right here , all about healing from my surgery,blah blah blah.

I  was having some pain (more than usual), took a look at things, had the husband look at supper, was worried that there might be an infected area, so I scooted on over to the local emergency room.
Saw some lovely nurses, they thought there might be a little something undesirable going on. Waited for the doc, sure enough, it was the start of something that could have been trouble. So, I'm on another week's worth of antibiotics, added another painkiller.....sheesh. (Side note: Both the doc and the nurse were impressed with the work  the surgeon did. Nice to hear that from  medical professionals.)
Hopefully this is just a minor glitch in this recovery thing.
The kids were a bit worried, but once I told them the doctor gave me medicine, all was well in their world again. They do not like that I am not able to do all my usual "Mom" stuff......I feel the same way.

It's a short week for them. No school Friday, so it's a four day Thanksgiving weekend. #2 and the Littlest are hoping for at least one PJ day. All of them are looking forward to having Gramma and Grampa here for the big turkey dinner.

Our Man-child is off to the X-Country zones today.  He's so very nervous. He wants to qualify for Provincials at the end of the month, so he's putting a lot of pressure on himself. (He's a classic First-born perfectionist). He races in about an hour, so think good thoughts folks.

Tomorrow is Boss's Day for him as well. Since I am off work, and can't take him with me this year, I've hired him to be my helper here tomorrow. There's plenty to be done around here, and I'll enjoy spending the time with him. Maybe this Boss will take him out for lunch.

I'd also like to ask you all for some good thoughts for my Uncle. He's having some health problems, and had some pretty major surgery. Thanks all.

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