Friday, October 25, 2013

Comfort Zone....who needs it?

Big things going on here at Chez Landry, big things.

First big thing. Five weeks since surgery, and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Went for my final appointment with my surgeon yesterday. She said the infection I had is clearing up ( she put liquid silver on it, yikes!) and that I should be ready to resume regular activities in 2-3 weeks! I'm happy to hear it, feels like I've been a Patient forever!

This might lead you to think that I'll be heading back to early mornings in the kitchen....

Well, that's other big thing. I'm not going back folks.
This was not part of any grand plan.

I applied a for job I saw posted online ( during my convalescence, I've had plenty of time to surf the web). I never thought they'd call me.

They called me. I had an interview. They offered me the position.

We spent the weekend discussing the pros &cons.....there were lists, post-its, phone consultations with loved ones.

In the end, we decided that this move will be better for our family now, and perhaps offer more opportunities in the future.
I will miss so many things about my last job. The great group of people I worked with. The little kiddies I cooked for, and how they made me smile & shared their hugs. There were so many things I enjoyed. I learned a lot, and am thankful that they gave me a chance to get back into the workforce. I will miss them, and may make a nuisance of myself visiting from time to time (hopefully I'll be welcome).

I am hoping that my new position will be a good fit.  I'll be working at one of the bank branches here in town. The people I have met so far seem very nice. The six weeks of training....that scares me a little. (Hope my brain doesn't short-circuit.)

I am looking forward to the change and the challenge of something new( and to being able to wear nail polish again!) I am also very happy to be able to be home with the kids in the morning again. Being home these last weeks has shown me that they miss me....and I have missed them.

It's scary. It's stepping outside my comfort zone. I think it'll be a good thing.

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