Friday, July 12, 2013

Dream a Little Dream

So, when last I wrote, I was feeling guilty about working and not being home with the kids.

I do think that my years as a SAHM were the right thing to do. I also know that I want to be more and do more.

So, I went back to work last year. It's a job tailored to my skill-set ( pretty sure I blogged about it before).

I have a dream though. I want to have my own bakery/coffee spot. ( Maybe I've blogged about this too? My mind is a sponge: holds plenty I can't see).

I want it to be a family place, where my kids can work with us until they leave home.

I want it to feel as warm and comfortable as the kitchen in my home.

My fear, the thing that stops me from leaping into it: hurting my family. I don't want to put everything on the line, have it be a bust, and leave us in a lurch.

So, for now, it remains a dream. It'll be upgraded to a goal soon.

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