Sunday, June 16, 2013

Working.....Always in Progress

Yikes, nearly a year since I posted anything here. Perhaps that's why my brain feels full to bursting! So, for my mental health ( and possibly to the detriment of yours), I am going to try to stop in here on a semi-occasional basis.

What a crazy year it has been. The biggest change in our lives was me going from being a full-time SAHM (stay-at-home mom) to working Monday to Friday. Honestly, I think the kids have adjusted to me being out of the home better than I have. I miss sending them off to school every morning, but am so lucky that I am done work before they get home every day. As summer vacation creep ever closer, I am struggling a little more.  They will be done school, and I will still be leaving them at the crack of dawn every day. While I realize that many,many people do not get to spend summer vacation with their kids, this will be my first full summer working.

As for my job: I honestly enjoy it. Really, it's like they created a position for someone like me. All my skills I honed while staying home with our kids for so many years are what make me good at what I do every day at work.
  • Plan Meals: no problem
  • Cook for numerous kids & not feel hurt when they don't like it: got it....have you met my kids?
  • Shop for food on a budget: nothing like being a single income family to do that
  • Bake and cook from scratch: there any other way? ;)
  • Spend time with kids: been doing it a long time.
I am very lucky to work with some really interesting and funny people, and I work for a great organization. I think it's been an ideal way for me to dip my feet back into the workforce pool....though some weeks the early start time makes this mama TIRED.

Internally, the adjustments have been a little tough for me. I wrote a little bit about it yesterday (here) . Of all the things I can do, personal time management isn't one of them. I do miss my days at home, and being able to take a little more time for myself while keeping up with the needs of the family. I'm working on finding balance, and I'm pretty sure it'll be a constant battle.

The kids, my beloved Screaming Meemies....they are growing. Growing taller, getting older, maturing before my eyes. It makes me so proud, and reduces me to tears, depending on the day. The Oldest hits high school, #2 goes to Junior High in the Fall ( both in the same school), #3 will be the Big Fish in grade 6 at the elementary school, and Littlest will be heading to grade 4 (and double digits on her next birthday).

The Oldest is also leaving us for a month this summer. He'll be staying with my sister for a month and working at her SO's (significant other's) new restaurant on Cultus Lake, the Lakeside Beach Club. We'll miss the kid to be sure, but, it's such an exciting opportunity for him. I'll try to keep my tears to a minimum.

Changes abound around here....I'll do my best to keep on rolling with them.

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