Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun

It's HOT. It's summer time, so, I am doing my very best to not complain and embrace it....so far, so good. Might get harder to keep this cheery disposition as the temp increases and the kids start fighting.

Yesterday was fantastic. It was a friend's birthday, so we went out to their campsite at the lake and spent the afternoon there. Little kids everywhere, playing in the water, laying out in the sun, and a delicious meal with everyone. We really loved it ( though I was missing the Littlest, as she's at Gramma and Grampa's).

Some of the kiddos there were cousins. It reminded me of our summer vacations to my Gramma's, spent with my own cousins. We didn't always get along, but I do have some fond memories for sure.

My kids don't have that.They have 2 little cousins that live on the other side of the country, and we have never met them. (I keep buying the lottery tickets in the hopes we'll be able to fund a trip out East....no luck so far). Hopefully, one day, we'll make it out there. I'd love for my kids to get together with that side of the family and get to know them...heck, I'd like to as well!

So, I am very thankful for friends that welcome us and let us be a part of their lives, and for letting us make some of their summer memories our own.

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