Thursday, May 24, 2012

Screaming Meemies are Back

Oh boy, I have been a negligent blogger. This is supposed to be a place to write about our lives, yet, life gets in the way.
I'm not even sure when, or what I wrote when last I stopped by.
Let's start over friends. Let's call it a new day and pick things up as if we'd never been apart. Deal?

The school year is nearly over. The kids are so looking forward to Summer break. I am as well. Hubby might even get some leave over the break, which would be very nice. He's had a tasking every summer since we moved here., 

Behn and the grade 5's had their big Operetta presentation last week. Made this mama proud to be sure. This 2nd born son of ours has spent years standing still and staring out at the audience during group performances. To see him not just participate, but, to do so with a little verve and vigour....well, I'll be honest, it brought a little tear to my eye. All of a sudden he is so big. 

Jacob's Spring Concert for band is tonight. We nearly forgot about it. For some reason, we all thought it was next month, oops. Never fear, I found his white shirt, and I will attempt tp iron it for him this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to hearing them play tonight, being a former band geek myself. It's amazing how much they have improved since last year when they started out. 

Asher and Sihdney have no big performances or presentations at the moment. Sihdney says she's very excited to hear the music tonight, Asher shrugged his shoulders.....let's hop he can hold it together for the entire length of the concert tonight.....

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